Fusion Information

Current players pay tuition here.

2017-2018 Fusion Teams

Age Roster Max Players on Field
Select 2003 16 11
2004 16 11
2005 16 11
2006 14 9
Academy 2010 12 7
2009 14 9
2008 14 9


Uniform fee will be $200-250. Parents must pay a $50 down payment at sigh-up (applied toward the uniform fee). The remainder of the uniform fee is due by 07/21/17. The uniforms include the following:
  • home and away Jerseys,
  • official game shorts
  • two pair of game socks
  • two practice jerseys,
  • one practice short, and
  • one practice socks.

The official Fusion FC backpack is optional but included in the overall price to give you a better idea of total cost. If you already own any of the above items, you may purchase the items that you are missing individually.

Select team $250 down payment due at signing and $50 tuition for 11 months which includes the following:
  • Premier Placement Tournament fee,
  • Home Association fee,
  • Coaching Fees,
  • Fall/Spring League fee,
  • Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer field rentals, and
  • Referee Fees.

Academy team $65 down payment and no contract. The $40 tuition is due each month for 11 months, plus quarterly tournament, league, and winter field rental fees.

All fees are due on the 1st of each month, and a $10 late fee will be added to your account by the 15th.

The club will accept payments through Team Snap starting on 08/01/2017.  Cash or checks are accepted as well.

To pay your tuition go here.